How can you get started in Taekwondo?

There are two ways to begin training at Sound Mind & Body.

Both allow you to try out the school for FREE!

If you’ve had no formal training in Taekwondo or are seeking a refresher, we invite you to participate in the free Introductory Course. This series of classes is for all beginning students, ages 7 through adult.

During this series of classes, you will receive a grounding in the basics of Taekwondo. After the course is finished, if you decide to join, you will be able to make a seamless transition into the regular schedule of classes. Again, there is no charge for this course; it is a FREE trial. The only requirement is that you attend each of the six classes because the course builds from one class to the next. Wear comfortable athletic clothing, and just show up for your FREE classes!

If you’ve already had formal training in Taekwondo, you are invited to try us out for a week at no charge. Our policy is that you keep whatever rank you have earned even if you are in need of review, which we are more than happy to provide with one-on-one instruction.

Please call Sound Mind & Body at 651-698-5951 with questions or to register.