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What is taekwondo?

What are the benefits of taekwondo training?

How do you get started?

What are the costs?


What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo (pronounced tie-kwan-doe) is a Korean martial art that emphasizes the building of both physical and mental strength. It is rigorous exercise that invites the mind into the workout.

The highest aim of Taekwondo is to foster the health of body and peace of mind which come from the balance and control of one's whole being.

Taekwondo literally means, ‘the way of hand and foot,' and is the most widely practiced martial art in the world today.

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What are the benefits of taekwondo training?

  • Mastering challenges

Taekwondo encourages students to develop and improve their own personal abilities. Each time a student masters a new technique, he or she learns to face challenges and overcome obstacles.

  • Reducing stress

People who are active in Taekwondo training regularly release tension due to stress and are thus more resilient to the adverse effects of stress on mental health.

  • Handling peer pressure

To counteract drugs, alcohol, gangs, and violence, Taekwondo is a positive influence which constantly reinforces strong character and self-discipline in all ages.

  • Developing strong character

Through regular Taekwondo training, students learn to view themselves in a positive light and maintain control over their behavior.

  • Improving physical and mental abilities

Taekwondo provides good physical and mental conditioning by not only strengthening but also stretching physical and mental abilities. Taekwondo training challenges students to surpass their limitations, to strive continually for higher levels of ability and confidence.

  • Taking control over your life

In Taekwondo training, students learn to set goals and work towards reaching those goals. Encouraged by goals, students who struggle with impulsive behavior learn to focus their minds.

  • Learning self-defense

Through training in Taekwondo, students learn how to defend themselves quickly and appropriately and to avoid conflict and confrontation. The Sound Mind and Body School of Taekwondo provides a healthy environment that instills good values, provides a sense of belonging, and positive role models.

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How do you get started?

A free introductory course in Taekwondo are offered most every month. This introductory course teaches the student basic moves in Taekwondo. After students complete the introductory lessons they are ready to join the regular classes. Visit the How to Start page, or call the Sound Mind and Body School of Taekwondo at 651-698-5951 to get the class schedule and register for introductory lessons.

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What are the costs?

Membership Rates

1 Month: $93 

3 Month: $255 

One Year: $900 (Payments of $75/mo. Requires contract.)

50% Additional Family Member Discount (Up to 3 members: spouse, sibling, and/or children)

Discount for College Students (requires active Student I.D.)

Other Costs

Uniforms and Safety Gear: Hand and foot pads and groin guards for males are available for purchase from the school. Uniforms (do-bok) are not required for regular class, but must be worn during tests.

Testing Fees begin at 45$ and vary by level of belt. Please ask your instructor for the specific cost for your test. (Promotion/Belt Tests take place six times a year with varying preparation periods between levels, i.e., higher ranked belts have to wait longer between tests than lower ranked belts do.)

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